How Sampling Agencies Can Use Peekage to Sample Clients’ Products?

How Sampling Agencies Can Use Peekage to Sample Clients’ Products?

When it comes to launching a new product, it usually takes consumer brands more than usual marketing techniques to reach the awareness they have in mind to promote the new product no matter how magnificent it is. 

People tend to get stuck in their ways and buy the items from the shopping list of brands and products they already know and trust.

Since the customers feel more comfortable buying the products they have already used, sampling products is a practical approach to give them the feeling of product consumption beforehand. 

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Two different approaches to product sampling

Launching a new product is where the necessity of sampling becomes more evident. As an expert in a product sampling agency, you should know:

  • The ins and outs of promoting newly launched or existing products
  • Understand the market
  • Reach the right target audience to deliver the brand's product to the right hands
  • Help in the brand's expansion 

Nowadays, there are two approaches available for sampling products: 

  1. Offline: The more traditional approach, taken mainly by traditional sampling agencies.
  2. Online: The more modern approach, taken mainly by modern sampling tech companies.

Both these ways are valid approaches and have their pros and cons. However, there are a couple of reasons why the online perspective takes over offline sampling these days.

Offline product sampling

There is no denying that offline sampling experts are highly trained pros who hold great events in the real world. 

They are experts who know which places are proper for targeting different groups and have more foot traffic. They transfer a good feeling to bypassers to feel comfortable approaching and trying their products. 

Online product sampling

However, since offline sampling has no tracking system and is not measurable, it has a low ROI. It does not provide the brands with meaningful and actionable insights. It also requires negotiation with shopping centers and hiring staff. The sampling hours are limited, and exhaustion plays a disadvantageous role, as well.

In the age of technology, when people spend most of their time on the internet, it makes more sense to reach the audience online. The online sampling experts are tech-savvy and know how to target and approach the audience. 

By targeting the audience in social media, websites, or any other online places where the brands' potential customers regularly visit, the need to spot a physical location has been completely removed. 

In addition, online sampling has made it possible to gain psychographic and demographic data about the audience in the long run. 

By gathering data on the audience's wants and needs, it's become much easier to convert this information to actionable insights, which helps to get to know the audience much better psychologically and come up with the best solutions in retargeting phases or targeting them for future products. 

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The online approach omits the need to hire staff or book sampling locations. Also, there are no specific hours set for running the sampling campaign.

How product sampling is helpful to consumer brands?

When accompanied by other marketing campaigns, product sampling effectiveness becomes multifold.

As a growing business, it is essential to find new ways to establish your product's presence in the market, drive brand awareness, and boost your sales. 

Since consumers can test products pre-purchase in the sampling process, it has been a driving force to increase sales and better brand awareness. Product sampling marketing through digital platform opportunities has shown a noticeable increase in sales conversions. 

A study by Edison Media Research found that 35% of customers who try a sample first will buy the product on the same shopping trip.

In addition, it's essential and cost-efficient to build brand loyalty among your customers. So it would be best if you made them like you, one way or another. 

Giving out free samples could be one approach. The customers perceive it as a favor and tend to reciprocate by purchasing your product.

How to sample products with the Peekage platform?

Are you a marketing agency that wants to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and boost sales? 

Are you a sampling agency that wants to take the sampling to the online world but does not have the required technology? 

Peekage is the solution for you. 

We are here to help. Leave everything to us, and we will help you run a smooth campaign. Our experts will take it from here.

Peekage is a technology that integrates into your sampling solution. As a sampling agency, the reasons to cooperate with Peekage is multifold:

1- Peekage makes the sampling process easier for agencies

By leaving the online sampling from A to Z to Peekage, agencies do not need to worry about any parts of the process. 

2- More effectiveness and insights

Peekage acts as a mediator between the agencies and the customers, and with the help of the AI in its technology, draws out data from the sampling process and provides the agencies with the best solutions and insights, and makes sure that the effectiveness of the sampling process is met.

3- Peekage provides more precise reports

As an agency, it's of great importance to providing your client with meaningful reports. 

Peekage takes care of this need and provides you with the best reports on the target market and the results of the online product sampling campaign to present to your clients.

What to present to your clients

Here are some tips on how to introduce your products to your clients:

1- Develop a customized plan for your brand

Tell us about your goals, and we will make it our responsibility to set up the right strategies and plans for you to reach them. The right audience, the right price, and the right platform.

2- Launch the campaign

Watch your niche market grow in real-time across integrated channels. Take a look, adjust your plan, and get connected to a broader target audience.

3- Data-driven result

 Find out who likes what, how much they like it, and where they are located. We'll be there to answer all the questions about your potential customers.

4.  Fulfillment

Peekage will handle all necessary shipping and make sure everything goes on budget. Set location and budget. Leave it to the customers to decide.

5-  Get feedback

Gain actionable insight about your customers and enhance products. Consumer surveys, reviews, and ratings turn into practical plans.

6- Repeat

Secure a lead in the market and keep being the first. If you watch the customers' requirements closely, your brand will become memorable and your customers loyal.

What Peekage platform provides

Five services Peekage provides for small businesses and large enterprises:


Technology to collect over two hundred data attributes from every target audience member.


A user-friendly smart link for users to interact with your brand and an easy-to-use dashboard to collect user data for you.

Consumer surveys and reviews

An open line of communication between the brand and its users. Find out what people say about the client brand and why. Use consumer feedback to find what the brand’s niche market desires. 

Data analytics

Access to user analytics. We will provide you with many analyzed data from which you can draw many actionable insights. Using these insights, you can make changes to your future marketing campaigns or your communications with brands.

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Packaging, Warehousing, and fulfillment

Warehouses across Canada and North America, customized and suitable for your specific products. Peekage branded boxes, up to your expectations.

White glove service

We will be alongside you and your consumers every step of the way. Our white-glove service will ensure the brand makes a good impression on its consumers and will build trust.

Peekage platform features

  • High-quality responses: Authentic users and responses. Users' honesty is measured, and low-quality responses are automatically removed.
  • Interested consumers only: Consumers ask for your product. When they come to you, the conversion rate is higher.
  • Highly affordable experiential marketing: A customizable direct-to-consumer marketing for the cost of a CPC campaign.
  • No freebie hunters: one person, one sample. Our proprietary fraud detection algorithms make sure no user gets the same sample more than once.
  • Actionable analytics: derive insights from your data to optimize your products, boost your sales and alter your marketing message.
  • Fast and seamless: sample from 1000 to 10,000 users in less than two weeks with zero friction.

How Peekage integrates into your solution

Consider Peekage as your extended team that integrates smoothly into your sampling campaign.

We will be on your side, support your team all through the process, and act on your behalf by providing the technology for running online sampling campaigns and bringing meaningful insights and successful results to your clients. 

By cooperating with Peekage, you can stay assured that all the credit of the project remains yours. Moreover, as the experts in digital sampling, we guarantee a smooth, integrated sampling process and a commitment to persuade you to consider us in your next sampling projects. 

sampling agencies partnership with peekage

Peekage is completely flexible when it comes to cooperation with agencies. For this, there are two approaches available:

  1. The agency tends to act on the front line and be the leader of the sampling campaign. In this approach, Peekage will stay in the shadow, and you will be directly in touch with and bring the results to your client.
  2. The agency is occupied with loads of work and needs Peekage to take control of the digital sampling process and take the burden off its shoulders. In this approach, Peekage will act in the front line and ensure the sampling campaign goals are met. This way, you do not need to be concerned about any steps of the process and will leave everything to Peekage.

Peekage Service: Product sampling in Canada and United States

Final Words

Peekage can help you in both scenarios. It's up to you to decide which approach to choose. Either way, we are there with our technology, tracking system, and AI algorithms to ensure your goal is met. Peekage is proud of its previous work experience with the sampling agencies consisting of both approaches, resulting in successful sampling campaigns.

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