Digital Product Sampling

Peekage increases your sales through targeted product exposure, insights, and
streamlined feedback collection.

Grow your business through direct access to your
target consumers.
Peekage - Drive Brand Awareness

Drive Brand Awareness

Gain access to millions of new consumers by getting your products in front of their eyes.

Peekage - Boost Your Sales

Boost Your Sales

Learn more about your users by gathering insightful feedback that you can use to improve your products.

Peekage - Collect Valuable Feedback

Collect Valuable Feedback

Increase your sales by allowing your customers to try a product before committing to buying it.

Peekage - Build Brand Loyalty

Build Brand Loyalty

Let customers promote your products through experience-driven, word of mouth marketing.

Peekage - digital product sampling

Targeted Smart Sampling
for All Platforms

Peekage increases your sales through targeted product exposure, insights, and streamlined feedback collection.

Peekage allows you to narrow down your target audience by choosing from over 100+ demographic and psychographic filters. You can use this data to reach your target audience no matter where they are—whether it’s on the Peekage app, a website, social media, or in a physical store. Ramp up your targeting even more through geofencing and location-based features that put your products front and center while your customers are closest to them. You can even implement retargeting to reach customers based on insights collected in past campaigns.

Receive More Quality Responses

Collect high-quality feedback from customers that are actually interested in your products.

Our gamified app encourages interested users to test your products and to offer high-quality feedback. This feedback is exactly what you need to improve your products and future campaigns. We do this through our proprietary AI algorithm that uses a “truthfulness” score to filter out low-quality responses, so you can focus on collecting and analyzing valuable feedback.

Peekage - sample your product
Peekage - product sampling company

Actionable Data Insights

Drive more value out of your marketing campaigns with strategic insights.

Collect detailed analytics through an insight-based approach that focuses on the KPIs that matter to your company. Peekage lets you track your campaign’s performance and ROIs in real-time, including sales and review conversions and social engagement. Our sentiment analysis report lets you know how your audience feels about a product. Take advantage of our business intelligence tools to perform a deep dive analysis using breakdowns, filters, and pivot tables to highlight industry benchmarks, successes, challenges, and other strategic issues.

Fast and Efficient Market Research

Build conversion-driven campaigns in just minutes.

Create new campaigns in as little as five minutes. You can reduce your campaign overhead with per reach pricing that lets you reach high LTV customers that are interested in your products. Improve your campaigns further with our co-op options that lets you share logistical costs and our efficient fulfilment solutions. Gather real-time, automated, and detailed campaign insights for your smart sampling campaigns.

Peekage - product sampling

Boost conversions and collect more user
feedback in just 4 easy steps.

Peekage - Add your products & voucher details
Add your products & voucher details

Search for your product in our database, choose a product from your past campaigns, or create your product samples and vouchers in under 60 seconds with our widget. Just add descriptions and pictures and you’re done.

Peekage - Reach your target audience wherever they are
Reach your target audience wherever they are

Choose from our growing list of targeting filters. Reach your target audience based on demographics, location, interests, behaviours, and social engagement. Peekage makes it easy for you to market and retarget.

Peekage - Create strategic questions for your surveys

Create strategic questions for your surveys

Build visual questions with rich content that relates to your target audience. Choose from 10 questions types, add your question and answer fields, and personalize the design. You can even add conditional question pipelining and A/B testing if needed.

Peekage - Ship your samples to our distribution center
Ship your samples to our distribution center

Ship your product samples and printed promotional content to our warehouses before your campaign starts, and we’ll take care of the logistical process from there.

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