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Are you interested in a new product—but wanted to try it first? With Peekage,
you can. Browse through thousands of products,
claim offers, and get them shipped to you for free.
We’ll even reward you for voicing your opinion about them.

What Peekage Offers

Choose from thousands of exciting

Sample products you’ve always wanted to try—for free!
Discover exciting offers from our diverse catalog,
whether it’s the best in health and beauty or a new
organic baby food.

Try them first, so you can buy with

Just claim an offer, fill in your address, and we’ll send it
to you for free.

Get rewarded for telling brands what
you really think.

Did you like one of the products you tested? Voice your opinion directly with your favorite brands brands through our PACKS—and get rewarded with coins!

How Peekage Works

Create and Personalize Your Profile

Help us get to know you better by answering simple questions that we’ll use to send you personalized offers for your products you’ll like.

Browse Hundreds of Products

Check out our robust catalog of products from your favorite brands. Find and try new products without spending anything.

Claim Free Samples

See something you like? Claim the offer, provide us your shipping details, and we’ll ship the product directly to you. It’s that easy!

Answer Packs, Receive Coins

Earn additional coins on Peekage by answering your Packs. We reward you for providing valuable feedback on the products you try.

Redeem Coins for New Products and Gift Cards

You can redeem your coins to try exciting new products or for gift cards from your favorite brands.

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