Promoting Trending Products: How Product Sampling Can Boost Your Brand

Promoting Trending Products: How Product Sampling Can Boost Your Brand

2020 has brought with it a variety of new trending products that consumers just can't wait to get their hands on. The question is, "How can you set your brand apart when it comes to marketing these new trending products?"

There's no better way to build credibility and create a more immersive experience for consumers than by letting them actually try your product. That's why this week we dig into the benefits of product sampling marketing and why it's the perfect way to establish yourself as the go-to brand for these top trending products. Let's see how branding with product sampling actually works.

Here you can find the top 5 trending e-commerce products in 2020.

1. Essential oils: 

Scores of aromatherapy businesses are starting to make waves in the market by introducing highly sought-after essential oils. 

If you're one of those businesses, you'll be glad to hear that, the global essential oils market demand sits at around 247.08 kilotons in 2020, and growth is predicted to compound at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% from 2020 to 2027.

But the question remains, "How can you see your business apart?" The answer is simple: product sampling marketing. A sampling program is a perfect way to reach consumers, build brand loyalty and increase sales. Plus, branding with product sampling is easy.

2. Post-Fenty inclusive beauty products:
After Rihanna launched her Fenty beauty line, big-name brands such as Dior and Bobbi Brown started introducing an expanded range of foundation shades that are aimed at catering to every skin tone. 

These new products are shaping the world of inclusive beauty. The goal is to give all consumers access to ethnicity and age-inclusive beauty products, and it seems that many e-commerce businesses are following suit. 

This may be the perfect opportunity for your brand to get into this highly competitive beauty industry. Why not? With a strong product sampling program, your brand will reach consumers and attract a large audience for your product in no time. Branding with product sampling always works.

3. Fashionable masks: 

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, face masks were a symbol of fear and apprehension. Yet, according to the LA times, they have increasingly been used as a sort of fashion statement by everyday consumers. 

Brands in the apparel industry can take this opportunity to implement a strong product sampling campaign and send free disposable masks to consumers for fit and comfort sampling before purchase.

4. All natural, zero-waste beauty products:

Consumers are showing an increased demand for natural, environmentally-friendly products made by sustainable processes. This lifestyle shift has given rise to a range of natural products hitting the digital shelves. E-commerce brands that align themselves with consumers' personal values and emphasize transparency in their processes are also becoming increasingly appealing to consumers.

Branding with product sampling and getting on board with an intelligent product sampling program is a great way to showcase your new sustainable products to consumers is the smart choice. 

Speaking of which, Peekage's official Instagram account will be showcasing a series of eco-friendly beauty products in the month of September. Keep an eye out to find which products we reveal and their unique characteristics.

5. Men's grooming and personal care:

This is 2020 and we support well-groomed men. Personalized boxes of skincare creams, facial hair maintenance products, and lotions are becoming increasingly popular on e-commerce platforms, and some analysts even predict that the male grooming market will grow to reach a value of 60.7 billion in 2020.

It seems that this would be the perfect opportunity for female self-care brands to expand into the male market and start offering their products to new consumers through digital product sampling programs.

The popularity of the new trending ecommerce products means that new brands are introducing similar products to the market in order to meet the latest consumer demands, and it may be hard for businesses to set themselves apart. 

Businesses need greater opportunities to educate audiences about their brand's product. That's why branding with product sampling is the perfect way to put your brand in a unique position - one where you can let consumers try your product firsthand and really get the full experience.

Why branding with product sampling is a game-changer for brands?

Exploiting the power of immersive interaction: 

A strong product sampling program is one of the most hands-on, accessible ways for consumers to engage with a product on a more personal level. It ultimately gives consumers a better feel for the product and builds brand loyalty.

Reinforcing benefits:

Consumers are looking for lifestyle changes that accommodate their need for speed, convenience and instant access to products, Digital product sampling programs provide a sampling channel for trending ecommerce products that are characterized by efficiency and ease. The click-and-collect option is appealing to consumers who want access to product samples swiftly and effortlessly from within the comfort of their homes.

Price is no longer the only thing consumers are looking for when choosing their and go-to brand for top trending products. Consumers want accessibility and ease when purchasing and sampling products. Below are just a few reasons why Peekage can make your product sampling marketing campaign more effective, insightful, and engaging than ever before:

  • Peekage mobile apps: This essentially creates a more personal, two-way communication channel with consumers.
  • Engages Users: Peekage engages users through in-app gamification, offering consumers personalized vouchers and products and rewarding users for genuine feedback.
  • Insightful branding with product sampling: Peekage uses AI-driven algorithms to attain high-quality responses and filter out low-quality ones post user testing. Peekage then offers detailed analytics, engagement reports, and actionable insights.
  • Cost-effective: Peekage's targeted, smart product sampling program creates detailed user profiles to reduce campaign waste and overhead by strategically targeting and re-targets interested consumers based on their behavior.
  • Accessibility and ease: with a product sampling marketing company like Peekage, brands can offer samples to consumers online and give them the option to order samples to be delivered directly to their homes so that consumers can try and compare products in person.
  • Introducing new products: Peekage employs innovative strategies to help your brand satisfy the new demands of consumers and establish unique products in the market for testing. With Peekage, brands can introduce their product to a new audience or target a specific market segment - which is perfect for new niche trending products. 

A product sampling marketing campaign is the way to go when marketing these new trending products. With the help of an insightful product sampling company like Peekage, brands can set themselves ahead of the competition, engage consumers through an immersive experience of the product, and really start building a relationship with their consumers.

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