4 Ways Using a Product Sampling Service Will Increase Sales

4 Ways Using a Product Sampling Service Will Increase Sales

Do you know how to transform an uninterested shopper into a loyal customer and creative ways to increase sales? Product sampling marketing is emerging as a leading marketing strategy when it comes to attracting and engaging potential customers.
With the right product sampling service, your business can create a sampling campaign that will boost consumer confidence, expand the potential for conversions, and increase sales in no time.

How do product sampling services increase sales?

Everyone loves to try new products and, when done right, sampling can increase your sales significantly. That's because product sampling does something no other type of marketing strategy can: it puts something physical in a consumer's hands.

In this blog, we'll show you exactly how using a product sampling service can help your brand maximize its sales potential and different ways to increase sales.

1. Increase sales by encouraging free product trial

One of the best ways to increase sales that businesses can easily convert users into purchasing consumers is by using product samples or vouchers for free products. This includes mail-delivered coupons and even digital vouchers for free samples on the Peekage app.

  • When consumers were asked in a study, "What would induce you to try a new product or brand?", 73% answered: free product samples. This is compared to the mere 25% that answered "television advertisements".

Evidence also shows that online physical product sampling impacts sales. online physical product sampling could boost your sales of physical products by 41.6% more than products without sampling.

So, to the question, "Does product sampling really work?"
Our answer is a resounding "Yes!".

2. Increase sales by appealing to consumer psychology

The sales-boosting effects of using a product sampling service are more impactful than they might initially appear. For example, when looking at the psychology behind product sampling, consumers are more likely to notice a product that is being sampled in-store or offered to them as a sample online rather than a product that is simply placed next to others on the shelf.

At the same time, when consumers are offered free samples, it urges them to commit to a purchase on the same day due to something called the reciprocity instinct. The idea is that consumers feel a subtle need to give something back to a brand in return for the free sample. This can often be in the form of a purchase decision.

3. Increase sales by building brand awareness

One of the main goals of a new product launch is to increase sales. However, any people often forget that getting the word out about a new product is an equally important component of a successful campaign. Reaching out to new customers from the beginning can really pay off in the long run.

Take Persil as a prime example. Persil handed out around 1500 sample bottles of laundry detergent at a popular family festival. They found that 70% of those who sampled the product inquired further about purchasing it. That means they created 1050 potential leads and sales conversions in just one day.
Now, imagine what you could do with a digital product sampling campaign!

4. Improve your sales by boosting consumer confidence

Product sampling services are one of the most effective ways to increase sales. They can help brands to create stronger connections with consumers by letting them test their products first-hand.

  • Testing a quality product causes users to develop a greater sense of trust and allegiance towards the brand.  
  • Building consumer confidence has a positive effect on purchase behavior, increases sales, and pushes consumers to choose one brand over a range of alternatives in the future.1 
  • Positive user reviews and rating about previously-sampled products helps to build confidence in your product. 

Online reviews impact purchasing decisions for as much as 93% of consumers, with more than half (53%) of 18 to 29 year olds saying they consider reviews and feedback from other consumers as part of their decision-making process.

Choosing a product sampling company

Peekage offers brand's an insightful product sampling service. Intelligent product sampling is our 'smarter' approach to product sampling campaigns and was formed to allow users to test your product while you receive their valuable feedback in return.

Here's how our online product sampling services and one of our creative ways to increase sales dramatically:

  • Peekage helps brands boost sales using their existing online traffic. Easily offer sample products to select, pre-screened social media followers and website visitors with the Peekage self-service sampling tool. 
  • Peekage gives you valuable insight using AI and data collection to equip your business with actionable information and drive better business decisions to increase sales and improve your conversion rate.
  • Boost sales through access to a new network of consumers on the Peekage app. Peekage lets you reach consumers where they're already spending a huge portion of their time: on their phones at home.

What are you waiting for? Become a proud member of the Peekage team today and use one of our ways to increase sales instantly.

For more information, request a demo or contact Peekage directly to start your journey towards developing your own successful product sampling campaign with Peekage's premium product sampling services.

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