E-Commerce & Digital Product Sampling – A Perfect Marriage

E-Commerce & Digital Product Sampling – A Perfect Marriage

No longer a new concept, eCommerce has become a norm of our current time. eCommerce can be defined as a business that delivers a box to its consumer; this will range from big-name retailers (such as Walmart, Macy's, or Target) to small entrepreneurial Shopify brands. Now let's define digital product sampling. It is to ship samples of products to interested consumers so they can touch, smell, or taste them in the comfort of their homes. The goal of digital product sampling is to diligently target samplers to ultimately convert them into loyal consumers.

Let's put both eCommerce and digital product sampling together and talk about eCommerce sampling - which can be simply put as the process of inserting product samples in the boxes that retailers/eCommerce businesses are already delivering to consumers. However, it is a tedious task for brands to achieve, and oftentimes, big-name retailers are reluctant to partner with smaller brands directly. Rather, the retailers would work with one company that can handle multiple brands and retailers. Let's go ahead explain why eCommerce does work in today's world: 

Why does eCommerce sampling work?

Here you can review the three important reason that make product sampling work.

A) Exposure to customers of a specific retailer: Let's say you own a generic brand that sells many brands. Partnering with companies that already put samples of brands into the existing orders would be beneficial for your brand. How? You can target companies based on the consumers they serve, box content, cart value, and other information that retailers might have from their customers. There is a 100% chance the samples will be tried as per Packaging Strategies, and applying this trick consistently would lead to more sales.

B) Affordability: There are two costs that make eCommerce sampling more affordable.

1- First, eCommerce sampling eliminates the overhead cost a traditional sampling would face, such as planning & organizing events. 

2- Second, shipping and handling out samples are often the main cost, even more than the manufacturing cost. So, the companies are typically very creative to cut out the logistic costs. One of the ways to do this is to combine new samples into existing orders to ship.

C) Higher chances of conversion: High conversion rates are expected because interested consumers have already become a sampled consumers of that retailer, and by including a small incentive, you can easily convince them to purchase your product in their next shopping. For example, some of the products, such as food and beauty products, are hard to explain its purpose without physically experiencing the product. In such a case, product sampling is highly effective because it's an intimate experience that can't be delivered any other way.

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Peekage's eCommerce Digital Product Sampling:

Peekage is the solution to the brands that are interested in partaking in eCommerce sampling. Here at Peekage, we're thrilled to offer eCommerce sampling to brands to help them to achieve their goals. Any interested brand partners can leverage the Peekage platform for their eCommerce digital product sampling needs effortlessly. Our platform will connect any interested brand with its perfect retailer from our list of retailer partners. This three-fold partnership will help brands reach their targeted audience in bulk, all while being affordable.

ecommerce sampling
Peekage is the solution to the brands that are interested in partaking in eCommerce sampling.

Peekage platform goes beyond being the missing piece between retailers and brands. Peekage offers a whole range of services (targeting, social media support with digital campaigning &, etc.) for brands to achieve their optimal product sampling experience. 

A smart decision for any brands would be to utilize the eCommerce sampling through the Peekage platform to target social media users and/or leverage the Peeakge community of consumers on the Peekage app.

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