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Sampling will lead to 35% shopping on the same trip, among all the customers who have been offered free samples.

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How to Sample Products with Peekage Platform?

Do not know where to start your sampling process? Peekage is here to help.
Leave everything to us and gain loyal customers for your brand. Our experts will take it from here.
Develop a customized plan for your brand
Tell us about your goals and we will make it our responsibility to set up the right strategies and plans for you to reach them. The right audience, right price, and the right platform.
Launch the campaign
Watch your niche market grow in real-time across integrated channels. Take a look, adjust your plan, and get connected to a wider target audience.
Data-driven results
Find out who likes what, how much they like it, and where they are located. We’ll be there to answer all the questions about your potential customers.
Peekage will handle all necessary shipping and make sure everything goes on budget. Set location and budget. Leave it to the customers to decide.
Get feedback
Gain actionable insight about your customers and enhance products. Consumer surveys, reviews, and ratings turn into practical plans.
Secure a lead in the market and keep being the first. If you watch the customers’ requirements closely, your brand will become memorable and your customers loyal.

Peekage Platform Provides

a user-friendly smart link for users to interact with your brand and an easy-to-use dashboard to collect user data for you.
Consumer surveys and reviews
an open line of communication between your brand and your users. Find out what people say about your brand and why. Use consumer feedback to find what your niche market really desires.
Data analytics
an interactive and easy-to-understand data dashboard that provides user analytics in real-time.
Packaging and printing services up to your brand’s standards. A variety of packaging services and custom boxes will ensure your brand message will arrive intact to your consumer.
Warehousing and fulfillment
audited and certified warehouses across North America, customized and suitable for your specific products. Round-the-clock pick and pack services to ensure fulfillment.
Online support
We will be with you and your consumers every step of the way. Our online support service will ensure you make a good impression on your consumers and will build trust.

Peekage Platform Features

Product strategy
A professional team of marketers charting the best route for your brand.
Product Specialists
Hundreds of consumers, verified and active across North America and the United States to provide feedback. Opt-in method, users choose products.
Campaign managing
A hands-on group of managers, measuring and adjusting your campaign in real-time, making targeting easy.
Data analysis
Gathering data and transforming it into usable information instantaneously for changing or maintaining ad channels.
Inventory managing
Package tracking and status checking of your products. Shipping and fulfillment have been made easy.
Real-time analytical reports available for each product or campaign, usable for retargeting.

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