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Learn how Peekage helps Enterprise teams with:

Track conversion rates

Insights & Analytics

Advanced Targeting & Retargeting

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product sampling

Reach in-market shoppers early in the journey.

Advanced Targeting & Retargeting

With Peekage, Enterprises can utilize more than 200 different attributes (diet, lifestyle, skin type, etc.) to target, retarget, reach, and deliver samples at the doorsteps of their ideal customer.

Leverage consumer insight

Insight and Analytics

With Peekage, Enterprises can access valuable insights, reviews and ratings from their targeted samplers.

Easily measure the return on your marketing spend

Track ROI

With Peekage, Enterprises can get results on specific goals by tracking their consumer behavior, social media engagement, and sales.

Additional Features

Select your preferred channel from the Peekage network, your website or social media for your campaign
Ratings & Reviews
Access complete consumer inspection based on their experience with your products
Peekage will take care of shipping and handling.
Build long lasting relationships with consumers