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Boost sales through digital product sampling

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Reach the right audience for your brand, where they are most comfortable: home.

Advanced Targeting & Retargeting

Peekage provides over 200 different attributes (diet, lifestyle, skin texture, etc.) so you can reach the most accurate audience for your brand to maximize sales.

Put buyer insights to work.

Insight and Analytics

Our platform targets your ideal shopper by leveraging our algorithms and user insights. Peekage allows you to combine both push and pull marketing strategies to create a personalized experience for your users, leading to a 5-15% increase in conversion rates.

Be on top of your business goals by measuring outcomes from your campaigns

Track ROI

BY tracking ROI, you ensure your marketing budget getting most of the bang for your buck.

Leverage our thorough approach

Omni-Channel Reach

Utilize every digital channel (website, social media, etc.) to run sampling campaigns using our technology. We make it easy to convert any online traffic to customers.

Additional Features

Omnichannel sampling widget
Seamlessly run targeted product sampling campaigns on your website or social media without coding.
Informed business decisions
We’ll help you ask the right questions and collect consumer feedback that you can use to extract meaningful insights.
We’ll handle the delivery of your product samples, so that you can focus on building your brand.
Drive foot-traffic
Peekage can help you drive foot-traffic through our in-store redemption options.