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Peekage is a Personalized Product Sampling Platform where consumer brands run targeted at-home product trials. Our software filters through over two hundred shoppers’ attributes and categorizes customers based on their shopping habits and preferences. Our platform leverages proprietary data to match these qualified shoppers with your products and gives you complete market visibility and intelligence by streamlining feedback collection.

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Product sampling solutions for brands of all sizes

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Peekage can support your sampling campaign goals — from creating brand awareness to boosting sales and collecting insights.

Increase brand awareness

Leverage our network of 4M+ users to promote your brand and products through highly-targeted product trials. Peekage amplifies your outreach efforts by connecting your brand to a highly engaged user segment.

Increase brand awareness

Audience segmentation

Get in front of the consumers who fit your buyer’s persona and build the perfect audience by filtering customers with over 200+ attributes— from lifestyles and shopping habits to diets and everything in-between. Not sure who your perfect audience is yet? Conduct selective A/B tests through our digital product sampling trials to identify your customer’s attributes and create the ideal buyer persona.

Audience segmentation

“The team at Peekage works closely with the brand team to effectively drive trials at your key retail locations through their digital sampling platform. They seemed invested in making sure our program achieved our desired outcome.”

Theresa Sarna , Senior Marketing Manager Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream

Boost sales and increase conversions

By connecting your brand to qualified leads, Peekage helps you maintain consistent engagement with consumers through a variety of methods — from post-purchase follow-ups and incentives to retargeting campaigns.

Boost sales and increase conversions

Actionable insights

Our platform conducts targeted surveys and analytics on customers who have tested your product or service. We gather meaningful feedback and help you discover actionable insights that inform strategy, messaging, product positioning, and more.

Actionable insights

“Before Peekage, we were using an in-home product testing vendor that recruited study participants in the traditional, panel market research way. We switched to Peekage for their tech-forward approach to product research, especially advanced targeting and sophisticated analysis capabilities. We can conduct larger scale studies with Peekage with more complex segmentation and get richer data back.”

Hannah Cui , Director of Platform Starday Foods

Interested consumers

Through our gamified app, consumers earn Peekage tokens and build their shopper’s profile by answering short surveys. The results of these surveys unlock personalized offers that reflect the consumer’s interests. And they exchange their tokens to redeem the offers that they are interested in. This eliminates product waste and increases both conversions and ROI.

Interested consumers
How it works

In-home product sampling journey

Consumers sign up on the free Peekage app and complete a series of micro-surveys that creates a comprehensive profile with targeted product recommendations.
Leveraging 200+ attributes — i.e., age, income, diet, lifestyle, hair, and skin types, and much more — your brand can build the perfect audience and segment on the Peekage platform.
Users are rewarded with Peekage tokens for answering micro-surveys and sharing feedback about products they’ve tested. They can exchange their tokens on offers that match their consumer profile, responses, and interests.
Once the user redeems their offer, Peekage will be responsible for delivering your product (digitally or physically) directly to the consumer. This includes in-home deliveries, digital eCommerce codes, and physical trials they can pick up at a local retailer.
Collect feedback
With direct access to consumers, Peekage is able to send out targeted surveys to users who have tested your products. We’ll gather these insights into a detailed, data-driven report your brand can leverage to grow, expand, and refine your offering.
Once a consumer has tried your product, Peekage can retarget users based on their buying intent, feedback, and behavior. This allows your brand to continue building a relationship with the interested consumer and increase the opportunity for brand loyalty.