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Cosmetic sampling service with Peekage

There is no question that in beauty, sampling works. But what can a brand do in a covid and post-covid era that allows no touching, slathering, or swatching? Gone are the days that a brand could set up a cosmetic counter in a beauty salon or a mall and offer to spray people with luxury fragrances or make-up makeovers. It is not sanitary anymore! Or maybe it never was! In the pandemic era or even a post-covid world, potential customers are more likely to enjoy individualized and personal samples. This means smaller but private samples for each one of them. Research has shown that people find small bottled cosmetic and skincare product samples more luxurious than having a skincare routine done on them or even having a make-up makeover in a public place. Moreover, small bottled beauty samples cost far less than having a full-sized product on display. Using Peekage beauty product sampling service costs less, is more effective, and is more sanitary.

Try out Peekage Platform

Get a free consultation from our beauty product sampling experts, and devise your campaign.
Target your desired audience based on your brand user persona or let Peekage AI Algorithm choose a target market for you.
Choose one receive one sample product or pair up two or more of your beauty products, form a basket, or even let Peekage choose from a sample beauty product basket on your behalf with two or more other brands. Peekage will handle all inventory and shipments.
Analyze user feedback and watch your loyal customer base grow live on your dashboard.
Use gathered user data for retargeting campaigns. With Peekage, you can have your beauty product sampling campaign on auto-pilot. Peekage will handle 0 to 100 of the process, boost your sales, and provide you with valuable data.

Peekage Platform Provides

a user-friendly smart link for users to interact with your brand and an easy-to-use dashboard to collect user data for you.
Consumer surveys and reviews
an open line of communication between your brand and your users. Find out what people say about your brand and why. Use consumer feedback to find what your niche market really desires.
Data analytics
an interactive and easy-to-understand data dashboard that provides user analytics in real-time.
Packaging and printing services up to your brand’s standards. A variety of packaging services and custom boxes will ensure your brand message will arrive intact to your consumer.
Warehousing and fulfillment
audited and certified warehouses across Canada, customized and suitable for your specific products. Round-the-clock pick and pack services to ensure fulfillment.
Online support
We will be with you and your consumers every step of the way. Our online support service will ensure you make a good impression on your consumers and will build trust.

Peekage Platform Features

Product strategy
A professional team of marketers charting the best route for your brand.
Product Specialists
Hundreds of consumers, verified and active across Canada and the United States to provide feedback. Opt-in method, users choose products.
Campaign managing
A hands-on group of managers, measuring and adjusting your campaign in real-time, making targeting easy.
Data analysis
Gathering data and transforming it into usable information instantaneously for changing or maintaining ad channels.
Inventory managing
Package tracking and status checking of your products. Shipping and fulfillment have been made easy.
Real-time analytical reports available for each product or campaign, usable for retargeting.

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