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Peekage enables you to run targeted at-home product trials, ask the right questions, analyze consumers’ feedback, get complete market intelligence, and incorporate actionable insights in every aspect of your business from product development to positioning or messaging.

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product sampling company Insights

Identify category dynamics and consumer preferences and behaviors, and pinpoint key segments and personas

product sampling company Research & Development

Develop concepts into products that consumers love with optimized packaging and pricing

product sampling company Marketing & Creative

Launch personalized campaigns with optimized messaging and promotions to drive awareness and brand engagement

product sampling company Brand Management & Shopper Marketing

Maximize brand performance by understanding consumer preferences across online and retail and identifying geo-expansion and retail opportunities

Increase brand awareness

Targeted digital product sampling

Leverage our network of 4M+ diverse consumers to promote your brand and products through highly-targeted product trials. Peekage amplifies your outreach efforts by connecting your brand to a highly engaged user segment, enabling you to build your vibrant community and collect first-party consumer data.

Boost sales and increase conversions

Continuous retargeting

By connecting your brand to qualified leads, Peekage helps you maintain consistent engagement with consumers through a variety of methods — from post-purchase follow-ups and incentives to retargeting campaigns.

“The team at Peekage works closely with the brand team to effectively drive trials at your key retail locations through their digital sampling platform. They seemed invested in making sure our program achieved our desired outcome.”

Theresa Sarna , Marketing manager Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream

Increase retail velocity and optimize in-store experience

Retail product sampling

Win at your key retail locations and regions using our geo-targeting capabilities. Peekage will send thousands of consumers to pick up your product at targeted locations to driver revenue, showcasing your product demand and improving buyer relationships. It also studies shopping trips to identify product and in-store experience improvement opportunities.

Collect and distribute product reviews

In-home product testing

Tell your brand story by collecting and distributing photos, videos, ratings, and reviews from authentic consumers while building shopper trust, increasing sales, and driving advocacy.

Develop products that consumers love

In-home product testing and insight

Understand industry dynamics and consumer behavior to determine key user segments and personas. Optimize your positioning strategy and develop your concept. Build a winning product by running blind testing, sensory testing, efficacy testing, price testing, packaging testing, and formula refinement on your target audience in just a few iterations. Peekage in-home product testing decreases your time to market, ensures product market fit, and increases “share of wallet”.

“We've been able to attract first time buyers on a consistent basis through our campaigns with Peekage. Not only are we seeing actual results, but the team has been working closely with us to continue optimizing our campaigns. Truly amazing service.”

Erin Mastopietro , Founder & CEO Dope Dog

Optimize messaging, positioning and creatives

Creative insight

Understand where and how consumers are spending their time and money in your category. Design impactful campaigns with messages that resonate with your consumers and increase ROI on your marketing dollars by understanding your audience and their shopping habits and optimizing your creatives through iterative user-testing.

Monitor your brand and react to consumer demands

Brand and social tracking

Track brand awareness and social trends by monitoring consumer opinion across all social channels. Peekage enables you to collect all posts, likes, and comments related to your brand and your competition and categorize them based on topic or consumer emotions and sentiments. Peekage insight AI then identifies trends, expansion opportunities, and threats, and paints the path to success.

Why Peekage?

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Lightning Speed Receive live consumer data on your dashboard in a matter of days, not weeks
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1st Party Consumer Network Access to 4M+ diverse and engaged consumers across North America
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Retail Foot Traffic Drive retail velocity at specific locations with our geo-targeting capabilities
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Targeting and Segmentation Leverage 200+ shoppers’ attributes and consumption habits to segment and target the ideal audience
product sampling company
Affordable With one subscription all teams get big-market-research-firm quality at a fraction of the cost
product sampling company
Simpler to Use No need to have a data scientist in-house. Simply use our consumer insight templates to build a complete study and get actionable insights
product sampling company
High Response Rate Get 95%+ quality responses from participants in your study